If you’re looking for pen-testing techniques, open-source and managed alternatives are likely among your top possibilities. There are countless advantages and disadvantages to each, and on certain occasions, one or the other is preferable. However, most IT services for government contractors will profit more significantly from an expert, managed solutions.

The Most Popular Pen Testing Techniques

Penetration testing, commonly known as pen-testing, takes several forms. Some are very specialized and particular to one security aspect, such as assessing the efficacy of your firewall against external threats, while others are more generic. Because it is critical to test as many different parts of your IT security as feasible and as frequently as possible, you must comprehend the plethora of available solutions.

To grasp the subtleties of application security techniques such as pen testing, as well as how such tools may assist in safeguarding your digital assets today and in the future, you must be able to answer these questions:

What exactly is open-source software?

What exactly is a managed solution?

How do these app security technologies stack up against one another?

 What is Open Source Software?

If you’re looking for the best pen-testing solutions, open-source alternatives are almost certainly on your list of prospective options. The fact that open source software is free is a significant benefit. Furthermore, the source code is freely distributable and modifiable by anybody. If your internal IT department already has software programmers, you may quickly adapt open-source software to match your particular needs.

Whether given by the original designer, other industry members, or your in-house security detail, open-source application security technologies may require enhancements and modifications. If the community is still active, you may often get tech help from these same people. This, however, necessitates dedication, and as time passes, staying up to speed on the newest updates and fixes becomes increasingly important.

Sadly, there is a disadvantage to using open-source software. Some consider open-source systems to encourage practicing their profession since hackers may examine and edit the source code. Furthermore, open-source solutions may lack some of the complex capabilities that your firm requires.

What exactly is a Managed Solution?

Skilled, IT solutions and services company may involve a commitment, but the amount of time and stress they can save is invaluable. Managed solutions are perfect for businesses that don’t have the time and funds to run their own IT architecture or system. They have a highly experienced team of professionals operating on your side and tending to your IT needs.

Sometimes it comes down to identifying where internal workers are best suited and assessing which remaining duties and activities may be outsourced.

When used in conjunction with penetration testing and other app security techniques, you’ll have never had to stress about updating your software, replacing old hardware, or keeping up with the current trends. You’ll also have no issue evaluating your test findings or enhancing your system for future tests. Instead, your managed security services provider will meet these requirements (MSSP).

Pen Testing Software: Open-Source or Managed?

Both open-source and managed pen-testing technologies have benefits and downsides to evaluate. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each can help you restrict the field and make your selection easier.