Various Ways a vCISO can help a DoD Company Pass Government Audits

A third-party cybercrime professional known as vCISO performs the same tasks as an hired CISO.  vCISOs, on the other hand, are not full-time employees of your organization and do not earn the same income and aids as full-time employees. Besides this, they may function as DFARS consultant if required by the firm. Conversely, they are hired as consultants and compensated on a per-project basis. This makes them an appealing choice for businesses who cannot afford to hire an in-house CISO. vCISOs have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to securing an organization’s digital assets. Preparing organizations for administration audits […]

Understanding the different phases of Incident Response

Incident response assessment is essential for fortifying a company’s cyberdefenses against future attacks. You may be better prepared to manage all sorts of attacks, safeguard sensitive information, and limit interruptions to business sustainability by undertaking incident response plan testing. Incident response can also help you achieve CMMC security compliance.  The robustness of an incident response program is determined by the careful refinement of incident management testing strategies and practices based on your security requirements. The Incident Response Phases Because security threats are unpredictable, incident response is an essential component of every organization’s cybersecurity approach. To evaluate the success of incident […]